Gravel Shed Pads

Gravel shed pads designed for your needs

From sheds to pools and even generators, our gravel shed pads are the ideal gravel foundation for your structure

Whether you are looking to install a new shed or have finally given in to your kid's demands for a new above-ground pool, a gravel shed pad is the ideal gravel foundation for any structure. Unlike other options, such as a poured concrete pad or patio stones, a gravel foundation will provide the perfect combination of drainage and a clean look regardless of your project. These pads are designed to last and will not break, crack, heave, move, or chip with the freeze and thaw we experience here in Connecticut. So, whether you want to build a new pad or replace an existing one, our gravel shed pads are a great solution that can be built to meet your needs.


Site preparation

Site preparation is one of the most important parts of designing and installing a gravel shed pad. Our site prep is a tried and tested method to ensure that you have good drainage with the proper pad size. We always suggest the pad be at least a foot larger than the thing going on it. So, if you want to install an 8 x 10 foot shed, your base would be 10 x 12 feet. The reason for this is to ensure your base can catch water runoff from the roof or structure to keep erosion and other issues at bay. Once everything is measured, we will level the ground with tools or a skid loader to give us an excellent base to work off.

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Installation is naturally an essential part of the process, and depending on exactly what you are looking for, your specific installation may vary slightly. Generally, our installation process is as follows:

  • Create the perimeter. Generally, we use 4 x 6 or 6 x 6 posts and install rebar stakes to secure the lumber.
  • Next, we add our clean drainage stone. We are looking at 4 – 6 inches of stone for your standard pad to allow for uninterrupted drainage.
  • Finally, we will level off the stone and ensure the pad is ready for your structure.
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There are a ton of uses for a gravel shed pad, and our ability to customize our pads makes them perfect for almost any project. Our pads are ideal for sheds as they give you a steady base that will allow for proper water flow without the issues we see with concrete or patio stones, such as heaving, cracking, or moving. Our gravel shed pads would also provide a safe and customizable foundation for above-ground pools or hot tubs, and will eliminate damage to your grass and landscaping from spills, splashes, or other issues. Finally, our gravel pads are great for generators as they will quickly drain water during massive rainstorms and provide a stable and dependable base for your portable or permanent generator.

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