What You Need to Know Before Renting a Dumpster


The average homeowner does not find themselves in need of roll off dumpsters very often. However, if you decide to remodel the kitchen, replace the roof or rip out old flooring, you will quickly realize the value of a large open top waste bin. Household trash pick-up could never manage a heap of shingles, nor could it take away materials considered hazardous, but a professional dumpster service can help you finish your project successfully.


The first step in finding the right dumpster rental is to make a note of the type of project you are planning and write down the materials you are likely to throw away. Some companies do not accept particular substances, so knowing what is going inside the dumpster is valuable information. Next, estimate the quantity of trash that you expect to dispose of and what kind of space is available for the dumpster to be placed. By providing these details, a dumpster service can pick the receptacle size that is best for you.


Before signing the dotted line, review your quote for inclusions such as the cost of the dumpster drop-off, as well as daily rental rates. Local taxes, zoning and dumping fees should also be added and may vary depending on where you live. Making sure you provide your exact address will ensure you have the proper rates.


A potential oversight for homeowners and contractors alike is inquiring about late fees. No one intends for their job to take longer than planned, but the reality is that they often do. Knowing ahead of time the cost for late returns will provide peace of mind when your remodel goes a few days longer.


Providing thorough information up front and asking the right questions will help you find the perfect dumpster service for your needs. With local experience, industry knowledge and the ideal equipment for the job, all you need to focus on is your redesigned kitchen, re-tiled roof or new wood floor.