Landscape Irrigation – When to Plan For Irrigation

If you spend time watering your lawn or simply wishing that your lawn looked green and healthy, it’s time to consider landscape irrigation. With professional installation and operation, an irrigation system can take the stress out of lawn maintenance. You’ll be on your way to soft, luscious grass.

Dry, Uneven Yard

The biggest sign that your lawn could benefit from an irrigation system is dry or patchy grass. Uneven grass growth could be a sign of dry ground. Giving your lawn enough water to grow properly is the first step to maintaining a thick, rich lawn.

Weed management is another issue that often plagues homeowners. Ask a professional irrigation specialist about weed management solutions. Depending on your area and local regulations, you may be able to include safe herbicides in your irrigation system for even more comfort and convenient lawn maintenance.

Summer Heat

The dry summer sun can bake your lawn until it’s yellow, uneven and uncomfortable. Professional landscape irrigation allows your lawn to get the water it needs to combat the harmful effects of extreme sun exposure. Don’t lose all the hard work you put into your landscaping in the spring, but maintain healthy growth all summer long.

Winterizing Considerations

If you live in an area that freezes in the winter, your irrigation system will need winterization services. A professional irrigation technician can not only install an irrigation system to fit your specific needs but also maintain your system all year round. Don’t let frozen water lines damage your investment.

When you’re ready to enjoy luscious green grass all spring, summer and fall, contact a local landscape irrigation service and ask about installation costs. You may be surprised at the affordable cost of professional installation and maintenance. This investment will not only make your lawn maintenance far easier, but it can also boost your curb appeal and the overall value of your property.