Stand Out from the Neighborhood with Landscape Lighting

Every neighborhood has that one house with the lawn everyone envies. Well done landscape lighting can help make your lawn the most talked about in the hood. Lighting adds beauty, personality and highlights the unique features of your lawn. Bring your hard work to life even at night with customizable illumination.

The first thing to decide is where you want the lights. Lighting pathways, flowerbeds, staircases, sidewalks, driveways and water fountains are good places to add additional illumination. How many lights and how bright a bulb to use depends on each unique layout and the customized look created.

Once you decide where to put the lights, you need to choose the look you want to create. Landscape lighting comes in a variety of options to customize the look and amount of illumination your garden needs. Visualize how the curb, home and lawn look with each of your favorite lights. Consider both curb appeal and how it looks with the exterior of the home before making a decision. 

Other considerations to think about include how the lights look at night, what if any rooms they shine into, unwanted shadows and how it impacts your neighbors. Modern technology offers the homeowner options unavailable in years past such as solar lighting, power-saving features and automatic timers. Take full advantage to get the most out of your landscape.

With the variety of lighting options available, it can be easy to pick the wrong for your setup or annoy a neighbor. Some things like glare-guards or shields around the lighting can mitigate some of the negative aspects of unwanted light-rays or attention on neighbors’ homes.

Light up the night and your garden with beautiful landscape lighting. Early evening and cloudy days can still showcase the efforts you put into your home’s exterior. Lighting is just one more way to beautify the exterior of your home and increase the curb appeal.