Maintain Your Property With These Winter Services

Many property owners neglect their landscape during the winter. However, this is the time of year when people really need to make sure they keep their foliage in check. You can keep your lawn looking beautiful for the entire year by hiring a landscape service that works during the winter. There are a variety of services that can be implemented to keep your grass, flowers and trees looking beautiful and healthy.

One of the most common services is putting protective devices over pieces of foliage. A professional service can put burlap wrapping over bushes and trees to protect them against the dropping temperatures. Wrapping is also good for protecting bushes against ice, snow and heavy winds.


The winter is also a good time of year for professional to inspect your property’s trees for signs of disease. When the leaves fall, the branches are more exposed. This allows tree care experts to see if there are any pests or fungi within the tree. If there are diseases within a tree, then the structure needs to be pruned or removed entirely to prevent the sickness from spreading to other trees.


A professional landscaping company is also great when you need to remove snow from your property. Heavy-duty equipment needs to be brought in to lift snow from the grass. Snow removal is particularly beneficial for commercial properties. When snow or ice accumulates, the likelihood of someone slipping and falling increases. Your business may be held liable, so you want to make the area as safe as possible.


Finally, a professional landscaping company can hang up holiday decorations around your property. You may have lights you want to string up, but it can be dangerous to get up on a ladder to install them around the building. Professionals know what precautions to take, so they can remain safe. Enjoy a creative landscape with the aid of experts.