Hiring a Professional Maintenance Company for Your Commercial Property Needs


What type of property do you own? Is it a small rental property or a larger retail space? In either circumstance hiring a commercial property maintenance company may be in your best interests. These businesses do more than mop floors and collect refuse. These companies often take care of the exterior of the building as well, meaning that they cut grass, wash windows and perform other essential landscaping tasks. However, you should never hire a company based off advertisements and reputation alone. You should do your homework and make sure that you understand everything about a business before signing any contract.

Licensed and Insured

Before allowing another business to enter your property and care for it, you need to make sure that they are appropriately licensed and insured. Most states require maintenance companies to have a license. Also, if you do not want to be held responsible for any damage or injury sustained by their employees, then be sure to ask for proof that they are insured.

Stipulated Services

Companies offering commercial property maintenance vary in the scope of work they do. Therefore, if you need a company that performs both interior and exterior maintenance, then make sure to ask about these services directly. Also, ask about any specific services you need or want and make sure that they are listed in any paperwork you sign.

No Overcharge

While it is an unfortunate practice, some companies will make a low bid on a project and then recoup the losses when the project is complete through overcharges. This is not illegal, but it is something to be aware of when hiring a company. Therefore, ask any potential business if their quote is all-inclusive or if there are likely to be overcharges.

Companies offering commercial property maintenance are a tremendous support to business owners. These businesses take care of the day-to-day cleaning, allowing owners to focus on clientele. However, if you are in need of such a company, find one that adheres to the three criteria above.