Lawncare and maintenance is a year-round effort for grass to stay healthy and green. A beautiful lawn adds curb appeal and is a beauty to look upon. Unfortunately, even the most attentive homeowner can experience brown spots on the lawn. Here are some tips for treating them.

Common Causes

There are three common causes of brown spots. Pet urine especially female dogs can cause brown spots. Foot traffic wears on the grass and is often in well-used areas. Insects are another common cause.

Treatment Options

Good lawncare starts with treating the problem first. Adding lime can neutralize pet urine acids when placed in the affected area. Stepping stones are a great addition to well-used foot traffic areas. Determine the insect causing the problem then look for the best way to eradicate them.

Lawn Repair

Repairing the lawn is best done during the springtime when the grass is growing like crazy. Lawn seed that matches the grass already there is the ideal choice. Sprinkle the seed over loose soil then put mulch on top. The mulch helps keep the area moist. Water frequently to help the seeds germinate. Rake off the mulch once the grass starts growing. Young grass can die easily if the area is dry, so keep it moist while it grows.

Regular Mowing

Keeping your grass mowed frequently during the growing season can keep it well-maintained. Mowing on higher settings protects the root structure of the grass. Wait to mow until after the grass is established to avoid stumping the growth. Regular mowing also helps decrease the amount of weeds you have. Brown spots aren’t the only problem your lawn may face. An expert landscaper can give you additional lawncare tips to keep your grass healthy all year long. They can also help you treat and repair the lawn you have or replace it with a new type of grass or other landscaping features.

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