5 Things To Do Before Installing a Fence

There are several reasons you may want a fence installation. For example, security, privacy, safety or beauty are all legitimate and common reasons for a fence. However, you should never jump into any home improvement project without first understanding what you are getting yourself into. Therefore, do at least the following five things before committing to a new fence.

1. Check Rules and Regulations

The first thing you will want to do is check city regulations. Also, you might need to clear your project with an HOA if you belong to one. Most rules and regulations will have to do with the height and style of your fence, so finding out these parameters will help you as you continue to plan for your fence.

2. Get a Property Assessment

Next, you will want to get a city inspector out to your property to lay out the precise property line. When putting a fence up, the last thing you want is to put posts up on your neighbor’s lot accidentally, which may result in having to take down the fence and move it.

3. Notify Neighbors

Also, before moving forward with the fence installation, it is a good idea to notify your neighbors of your project, unless the fence is being placed well within your property line, like around a pool. If the fence is being put along the entire perimeter of your yard, then it is polite to notify neighbors, especially since workers may have to be on their property during installation.

4. Contact a Professional

Next, contact a professional to put up your new fence. While this type of project might seem easy, there is a lot of precision that goes into the installation. Also, if your property is large, then the process can become even more complicated, especially when it comes to leveling.

Fence installation is an excellent way to create more security, safety privacy and beauty on your property. However, trust a licensed and certified fencing company to do the work, and just sit back and enjoy it when it is complete.