Three Ways to Determine if You Should Hire a Lawn Care Service

You may think that cost should be the driving factor when determining if you should hire someone for your lawn care or do it yourself. This may not always be the case. There can be other factors to consider.

 Availability of Equipment

Taking care of your lawn can involve much more than cutting the grass. Grassy areas may also need edging and any hedges that you have may need trimming. In the fall months, leaves or straw may need to be raked. A different piece of equipment may be required to perform each of these tasks and each can come with its own cost. Yards with special landscaping or flower beds may require even more equipment such as shovels, hoes, aerators wheelbarrows, etc. If you don’t have these items readily available or a place to store them, the cost to purchase and store them could far outweigh the cost of hiring a professional.  Added to that, could be the cost to maintain or repair these items and the cost for any lawn products such as fertilizer, insecticides or weed killers.

Level of Expertise

Lawn care providers can be specially trained in all aspects of caring for a lawn. They may be able to identify potential problems like diseases of plants, grass or trees and treat them before the problem becomes too bad. They may also know which products will work for specific types of grass, shrubs or weeds and apply those products in the safest and best manner. These experts can also provide you with a professionally manicured landscape. If you don’t have this expertise or skill, you may need to outsource.


Depending on the size and the amount and type of landscaping that exits, the amount of time required to keep your lawn in top condition can vary. If you find yourself postponing leisure activities to spend all day every weekend working in your yard, you may need to hire someone. The time that can be gained from hiring lawn care professional to take over this task could be invaluable.