Tips for Installing a New Fence

Fences can serve multiple purposes. They can be for privacy, protection or even aesthetic. When it comes to a new fence installation, there are a few tips that you should always follow.

Determine Purpose

What is the purpose of your fence?  Some fences are for aesthetics, whereas others offer protection and safety to the property. The method of construction and how long it takes will depend heavily on the material that you choose and the reason for it. If you want to create a wind-shelter, for instance, you need to ensure that you have even gaps.

Figure Out Materials

Once you know the purpose, you can decide on materials. Your material can determine the durability and longevity of your fence. Most fences are hardwood or treated timber. Some areas do have restrictions on materials, due to pest infestations or decay. You can consult with a contractor when it comes to the materials that will best fit your fencing idea.

Learn the Regulations

The more you know about the building regulations in your area, the less likely you are to break any of the rules. When working with a fencing contractor, he or she should know whether he or she needs a permit for fence installation.

Read Before You Paint

If you decide that you want to paint or stain your fence on your own, you need to read the manufacturer’s instructions. You want to make sure that any paint you use will be compatible with the type of material. If you have the fence professionally installed, then the company can help you choose a paint or stain to use.

When it comes to your fence, you want to make sure that it is durable too. There are a lot of choices to make, from the purpose of your fence to the materials and how you are going to conduct the build. A fencing contractor can guide you through the fence installation process.