Ornamental Fencing Options

A fence can serve many purposes. It can protect your privacy, ensure security and keep animals and children safe. Another common factor in choosing the right fence is beauty. There are many options to choose from when it comes to decorative fencing.


There are few looks more classic than the white picket fence. Bamboo can provide a unique twist to traditional yard privacy screens. Most wooden fences offer the benefit of blocking views from the outside while still letting in light. To make wood fencing more durable, it can be pressure treated.


Iron gates, aluminum posts and steel beams make very impressive fences. These materials add a touch of elegance to your property. While metal options tend to be more expensive than other types of fencing, their durability and strength make them a wise investment.


For an old-world aesthetic, you can’t do better than a stone fence. It is not always easy to install, but a qualified landscape contractor with extensive experience in stone can build it to last. Not only is this decorative fencing option a gorgeous background for the vegetation in your yard, it is extremely durable and low maintenance.


Some homeowners may balk at the thought of vinyl fencing, but new options often have the appearance of wood without the risk of rot or other common drawbacks. Vinyl is easy to clean and maintain. It resists weather elements well and costs less to install. It can also be used in conjunction with other materials such as chain link to give it added protection.


There are many ways you can dress up your existing fence, making it look like a whole new structure for a fraction of the cost. Your contractor can suggest decorative touches to add to the top of the posts or replace the slats while leaving the original posts intact. Planters, gates and hardware can also be added to beautify your fence.

There are many decorative fencing options to choose from. It’s easy to find a fence that matches your style while still providing the function you need.