4 Fertilizing Techniques To Use for a Greener Lawn

When driving through your neighborhood, one of the first things you may notice is the homes with beautiful lawns. From the different green colors of grass to how the clean border frames the blades, it can be a stunning picture that most homeowners envy. One way you can create a lawn that looks as good as your neighbor’s grass is with lawn fertilization. Here are four techniques you can use to get greener grass.

1. Fertilizer Is for Feeding

There are liquid thrown, spreader spewed and hand strewn fertilizers, and each is quite different. Choose the type you are most comfortable with, and then look at the contents. If the package warns you to use gloves, don’t use that brand because the chemicals contained in the fertilizer are probably poisonous to you and your pets.

2. Nitrogen Is for Greening

Fertilizer is a chemical compound that increases a plant’s fertility. Nitrogen acts to improve the plant’s chlorophyll levels as it works as a greening agent for plant life of all types, especially grasses. That may be why so many homeowners destroy their lawn by applying too much nitrogen too early in the spring. Nitrogen toxicity is deadly to grasses.

3. Blended Is for Growing

If you want a beautiful lawn, use a blended lawn fertilization mixture that contains nitrogen (N), potassium in the form of potash(K) and phosphorus in the form of phosphates (P). The fertilizer should be non-water soluble with no metals or added chemicals.

4. Timing Is for Protection

Depending on where your home is located and the mineral depletion of your soil, your local landscaping company can help you determine which type of fertilizer your grass will need. The service can also help you determine if spring or fall heavy nourishment will have positive effects or be a waste of money.

Lawn fertilization is an essential part of maintaining a beautiful yard. Working with your landscaping technicians to formulate a grass maintenance plan is the best way to ensure you always have a beautiful green yard.